Hanwell Synergy Software

Software platform for multi-site data acquisition

Synergy is a scalable browser based database offering a contemporary browser based management system that retains many of the underlying technical abilities of RadioLog8 but viewable in a more modern SQL format and provides significant additional user benefits.

Developed to give maximum flexibility and control of data and events, Synergy has made significant advances in how, where and when data can be viewed and managed across the widest spectrum of customers from the single site/single user through to multiple site/multiple user situations. Synergy also has both standard and bespoke reporting options to meet the simplest and most complex customer requirements.

Hanwell Synergy Software Features

  • Browser based technology with SQL database
  • Individual versions tailored to key market sectors: Healthcare, Pharma*, Heritage and Industrial
  • Top level pictorial overview of site activity and alarms on start up
  • Devices can be added at will with no interruption to logging
  • User access management and control via simple permissions process
  • Seamlessly supports multiple geographical locations
  • Easy navigation to alarms, reporting tools and administration areas
  • Easy access to historical data
  • Supports all Hanwell current and future hardware
  • Option to design additional bespoke reports
  • Installation of software on central server removes need to install or update multiple PC’s
  • Allows flexible grouping of sensors to customise views even across multiple sites
  • Variety of alarm features available including email and SMS notifications
  • Full history of recorded data available for analysis by users at all times
  • Export data files to CSV formats
  • Automated reporting directly to PDF format at user defined timescales
  • Interactive graphical and tabular data

Benefits of Synergy

  • Gives the user maximum control of how, when and where the data is managed and presented
  • Simple to use and to manage and provides instant notification of alarms to relevant personnel
  • Assists with national regulatory compliance such as MRHA and 21 CFR Part 11*
  • Frees up staff time and eliminates errors by removing manual checking processes
  • Improves speed of preventative action with immediate email and SMS alarms
  • Generates a complete environmental monitoring solution for multiple parameters in multiple
  • locations
  • Easily expandable or changeable system as and when required and with minimal disruption
  • Post purchase support available
  • A validatable version of Synergy is available