Predictive Maintenance System – Condition Monitor Contor

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Predictive Maintenance System - Condition Monitor Contor

Enhancing your Preventative Maintenance Program

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the IMC Group have revolutionised condition based monitoring with the new wireless Contor system. With no need for external consultants Contor can be used for in-house predictive maintenance analysis to enhance your internal preventative maintenance (PM) objectives. The Contor units are capable of accurately measuring and displaying shock impact and vibration data for critical equipment condition monitoring whilst in operation.

Easy-to-use data collection and display

  • Accurately implement predictive maintenance regimes e.g. bearings by monitoring the RMS vibration
  • Significantly reduce machine downtime and loss of production
  • Increase machine life
  • Provide accurate data for warranty claims
  • Significantly reduce maintenance costs by reducing the number of unnecessary scheduled preventive maintenance operations
  • Optimise machine performance e.g. milling machines
  • Eliminate cost of consultancy
  • Strengthen customer confidence

Please see data sheet for more information

For Contor Specification see Technical Datasheet

For more information see Contor Brochure

Demonstration Video