MM7000 ThermoBarScan

Economical. Reliable. Durable.

The MM7000 ThermoBarScan is a handheld logging thermometer with integral barcode scanner and Bluetooth capabilities.

Ideal for a wide range of applications, the barcode scanner records product location/identity plus time, date and temperature and the Bluetooth communication transmits the data to a PC, mobile phone or PDA for easy portable temperature logging.

Handheld ThermoBarScan Features

  • Integral barcode reader
  • Built in Bluetooth communications
  • Logs up to 1000 times and dates temperature records
  • Supplied complete with PC software
  • Low battery indication
  • C°/F° selectable
  • Can be used will all available probes

Benefits of Handheld Thermometers

  • Reduces the risk of potentially exposing contaminated produce to consumers
  • Assists with HACCP compliance requirements
  • Automatically logs data using Bluetooth communication to reduce manual errors
  • Reduces wastage costs
  • Protects company reputation

Probes Available

  • TP05 – General Purpose Needle Probe
  • TP07 – Heavy Duty Needle Probe
  • TP10 – Fine Needle Small Handle for Sous Vide Cooking
  • TA12 – Fast Response Flat Food Probe
  • TS01-S – Dual Surface / Immersion Probe
  • TFS01 – Food Simulant Probe
  • TP01 – Frozen Food/Corkscrew Probe

Please see data sheet for more information

For Specifications see Technical Datasheet