Speed and direction radio transmitter for Hanwell systems

The Wind Meter is a high performance, compact and economical wind speed and direction sensor. Its simplicity and corrosion resistant construction make it ideal for a wide range of wind measuring applications. The rotating cup anemometer at the top of the unit provides a linear response to wind speed. The vane, which is attached to the body of the device provides a fast response to wind direction.

The shape, dimensions, and material of the cups contribute to accurate measurement. The cups are carefully tested to give linear response between the wind speed and the angular velocity of the cup wheel. The wind vane is located directly beneath the cup assembly and is made of a durable, lightweight material that ensures fast response and low inertia.

A relay contact output is provided for wind speed. The wind speed can be recorded either by counting the number of pulses within a fixed time period, or by measuring the time between successive pulses. A potentiometer detects the position of the vane. The potentiometer features low starting and running torque, linear resistance and a long operation life. It has a single wiper with an open gap of less than 5 degrees. With constant voltage supplied to the potentiometer, the output voltage is directly proportional to the azimuth angle.

Hanwell Wind Meter Features

  • Wireless data transfer
  • Combined wind speed and direction sensor
  • Low power consumption
  • Fast and linear response to wind
  • Comprehensive analysis and data history

Benefits of Wind Measurement

  • Enables users to detect change in wind speed and direction for preventative maintenance
  • Reduce potential internal damp caused by drafts and cold spots
  • Eliminate costs related to external wind damage and internal air flow

System Components

For detailed Specifications see Technical Datasheet

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