Wind speed, direction, barometric pressure, temperature, precipitation and humidity

The Hanwell  weather sensors provide a range of high performance, compact and economical solutions to weather monitoring for outdoor environments. The Vaisala weather transmitter WXT520 measures barometric pressure, humidity, precipitation, temperature, and wind speed and direction. The sensor uses ultrasound to determine horizontal wind speed and direction and the barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity measurements are combined in the PTU module using capacitive measurement for each parameter.

The sensor is immune to flooding, clogging, wetting and evaporation losses and has the capability of detecting impact or individual rain drops.

Product Features

  • Measures 6 most essential weather parameters as WXT510
  • Low power consumption – works also with solar panels
  • Compact, light-weight
  • Vaisala Configuration Tool for PC
  • USB connection
  • Housing with mounting kit IP66
  • Applications: weather stations, dense networks, harbors, marinas
  • All WXT510’s sent to Vaisala for service will be upgraded to WXT520


  • Enables users to detect change in weather for preventative maintenance
  • Reduce potential internal damp caused by drafts and cold spots
  • Automatically regulate internal heating based on data
  • Eliminate costs relating to delayed internal heating response times

System Components

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