RFBug Heritage Wireless Sensor


Compact size for discreet wireless monitoring

Hanwell’s RFBug is part of Hanwell’s advanced series of temperature and humidity radio transmitters. They allow wire-free monitoring of a site, with real-time alarm notification and historical analysis of data. Each unit reads on-board sensors to provide accurate and reliable information about environmental conditions.

Temperature and humidity are closely interrelated. Some independent effects of high temperature include increased biological activity, and acceleration of chemical deterioration processes. Unacceptable levels can contribute significantly to the breakdown of materials. Heat accelerates deterioration and high relative humidity provides the moisture necessary to promote harmful chemical reactions in materials.

In high relative humidity conditions insects and moulds thrive and reproduce, metals corrode, dyes and textiles fade and deteriorate more quickly, organic materials such as wood and leather swell or change shape, and gelatine emulsions and adhesives become sticky. Temperature and humidity levels need to be monitored in order to control these effects within an environment.

Product Features

  • Wireless data transfer
  • High performance technology with accurate connecting probes
  • Low power radio for long distance transmission (Over 3km over open ground)
  • User accessible battery and USB socket
  • Slots in back of unit for wall brackets
  • Complies with RoHS, EU and WEEE directives
  • Carries CE Marking


  • Accurately monitor temperature and humidity in confined spaces
  • Provides accurate and reliable information
  • Assists building maintenance and conservation
  • Versatile and discreet
  • Moulded case allows easy access to the battery

System Components

For Product Series and Specifications see Technical Datasheet