Hanwell iSense GPRS Transmitter

Wireless GPRS communication for remote areas

Evolved from Hanwell’s existing range of established radio logging products the iSense is an innovative self contained unit enabling remote monitoring of diverse parameters via wireless GPRS technology.

Locations that previously seemed inaccessible including, buildings, machinery, infrastructure or vehicles can now easily be accessed and monitored.

A number of different sensors can be attached to the iSense in order to monitor parameters such as energy, temperature, pressure, structural stress and many more.

This real-time information is then transmitted via GPRS to a central database, and can be accessed immediately on a PC for viewing, recording and assessment.

iSense GPRS Transmitter Features

  • Completely self contained (battery operated)
  • Date and time stamped monitoring
  • Up to five year battery life
  • Transmit rate increase on event
  • Remote setup options
  • Data stored in non volatile memory
  • All data recovered in the event of temporary GPRS coverage problems
  • Easy to understand journey profile information
  • Works with a range of sensor families


  • GPRS technology
  • Non-Intrusive design
  • Easy installation
  • A wide range of monitoring parameters available
  • Individual configuration options
  • Easy reading management system
  • Comprehensive analysis and data history
  • Up to five year battery life

System Components

For Product Series and Specifications see Technical Datasheet