Hanwell 4000LUX/UV Series

Light and UV data loggers and radio transmitters

The 4000 series of light and UV data loggers and radio transmitters allow monitoring of a site, with real time alarm notifications and historical analysis of data.

Measurements can be taken of the proportion of UV present (µW/lumen), the total amount of UV (mW/M2), and the amount of visible light (LUX). LUX is measured in the range 10 to 5000 LUX. This is sufficient for environments where minimal LUX levels need to be monitored. See below:


*These are a guideline only. Users should follow their own company guidelines and recommendations.

4000LUX/UV Features

  • Data logging and radio transmitter formats
  • Memory capacity 100,000 readings
  • High performance technology with accurate connecting sensors
  • Low power radio for long distance transmission (Over 3km over open ground)
  • User accessible battery and USB socket
  • Slots in back of unit for wall brackets
  • Complies with RoHS, EU and WEEE directives
  • Carries CE Marking


  • Reduce damage caused by natural and artificial light and UV
  • Minimise staff exposure to seasonal affective disorder
  • Reduce staff sickness by monitoring LUX levels
  • Improve work efficiency with optimised LUX levels
  • Can be easily integrated into an existing Hanwell system

System Components

For Product Series and Specifications see Technical Datasheet