Environmental Monitoring and Control System – MS1000

Environmental Monitoring and Control System - MS1000

Radio system with interface to local BMS

The Hanwell monitoring and control systems set us apart from other environmental monitoring technology on the market providing complete closed loop environmental monitoring with controlling capabilities.

The system is intended to directly interface to third party BMS systems or provide standalone control for areas or items that require constant and consistent conditions.

Our team work with the users to determine the most cost-effective and non-disruptive method to monitor and control environments.

The MS1000 has all features and benefits of a radio system with the added advantage of environmental control which automatically manage breeched parameters. All activities are recorded and can be monitored with comprehensive reporting tools to ensure that the desired environmental criteria are being met.

MS1000 Features

  • High performance technology
  • System transmitters provide low power radio for long distance transmission (Over 3km over open ground)
  • Analogue and relay cards
  • Analogue cards contain four outputs capable of supplying 0…10V at 1mA or current between 0…20mA
  • Relay card contains four outputs capable of switching 0.5A at 12V DC or 24V AC.
  • Complies with RoHS and WEEE EU directives
  • Carries CE Marking


  • Provides users with total monitoring and control solution to environmental problems
  • 24/7 control of all monitored areas and equipment
  • Easily integrates into a 3rd party BMS system
  • Works with existing Hanwell radio systems as a cost-effective add-on

System Components

For Product Series and Specifications see Technical Datasheet