In response to popular demand, CALAB  has added NAB-MALTA accredited Temperature by Simulation measurement to its full range of NAB-MALTA instrument calibration services.

Some examples of equipment that may be calibrated in the CALAB laboratory include:
> Thermocouple by simulation ( Measure and Source ) , Type K , J , T , N , S ….etc
> Temperature calibration by Resistance Simulation

Established in 2010, CALAB – RAMS Calibration Laboratory has grown to become the first NAB-MALTA  Accredited calibration facilities (Lab no. 0019) to over this type of measurements.

Certified to ISO 17025:2017, the CALAB NAB_MALTA accredited facility is equipped to internationally acclaimed standards in pressure, electrical,  temperature and now Temperature by Simulation; delivering some of the best calibration services available.

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