PLANT Maintenance

RAMS offer a full maintenance service to the industry , while specializing on HVAC system , RAMS also provides maintenance on Pump skids , Steam Generator and Production Machinery

 packaging-machines-servicesWhen it comes to owning or operating a commercial facility, you probably are focusing on saving costs and achieving your profit goals. Because of this, some decisions tend to be made with the financial well-being of your company in mind instead of your facilitys well-being. However, postponing maintenance activities, such as equipment repairs, to save money or meet budget goals, could actually lead to higher costs, asset failures, equipment breakdown and potential health and safety issues.

Keeping your Plants at their best calls for regular inspections and preventative maintenance, combining to ensure you meet safety legislation and get the very best out of your equipment, minimising downtime and expensive repairs that could have been prevented. These ongoing  support services combine perfectly with our CONTOR – Predictive Maintenance Instruments which provides our clients with total coverage of their equipment conditions.





Implement a Preventive HVAC Maintenance StrategyHVAC-Preventive-Maintenance-Deferred-Maintenance

RAMS LTDis committed to helping building owners, property managers, engineers and facility professionals lower their operating expenses through preventive HVAC maintenance. Our trained technicians evaluate existing HVAC systems to develop a well-defined maintenance strategy for improved performance, reduced costs, and extended equipment life. HVAC preventive maintenance is often disregarded however it is well worth the cost to invest in a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual maintenance program that includes both proactive inspection and service.

With summer temperatures constantly on the rise, its increasingly more important to check your equipment for proper operation, and to clean or  replace Air Filters and fine-tune its operation to ensure maximum efficiency to lower utility costs and ensure tenant comfort.

HVAC Repair


We take a proactive methodology in serving and maintaining your HVAC equipment. Our service technicians go beyond just repairing your equipment. They conclude the cause of the problem and offer short and long term solutions to fit your budget. By using all of their senses, they proactively look for warning signs in all HVAC equipment operation to prevent future issues. Our HVAC service technicians also take into consideration the operating efficiencies of all the related equipment in a building.

Experts in HVAC Maintenance

  • HVAC equipment installation, replacement and repair
  • Equipment tours to verify and adjust critical equipment operation
  • HVAC start-up and commissioning.
  • Equipment retrofits to increase reliability and efficiency and lower energy usage
  • Energy audits to identify cost-saving measures

Our service technicians are fully trained and qualified to maintain, repair, troubleshoot and install all types of sophisticated refrigeration, dehumidification and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, such as rooftop units, air handling units, chillers, heat pumps and boilers.