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CALAB Registration Number 019, have acquired NAB-MALTA accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard. NAB-MALTA is a member of the European Co-operation for Accreditation (EA) and is one of the EA Multilateral Agreement in calibration.

This achievement places CALAB as the FIRST  Maltese Calibration / Metrology Laboratory that offers Accredited  Temperature Calibration , Temperature by Simulation Calibration , Humidity Calibration , and Pressure Calibration .

CALAB Accredited Calibration are for measurement ranges of -90°C to 650°C , 5% to 95% RH, -1 to 1000bar. More detail can be found in the Scope of Accreditation issued by NAB-MALTA, please click here


or click below to be directed to the NAB Malta website NAB Malta

CALAB can calibrate all type of temperature and Humidity instrumentation from Temperature Probes/ Sensors, Handheld meters , Transmitters and more , Humidity Probes/ sensors (chart recorders, dew point meters, handheld meters, humidity transmitters, process gauges, and more) to complete systems, Dataloggers , any type of controlled Temperature / Humidity chambers/ Area . ( Fridges, Stability Chambers , Ovens ,Warehouse etc.) Drywells , DryBlock , Baths . All type of Pressure Gauges , Recorders , Chart Records, Sensors and Transmitters. Any type of Temperature Meter by electrical simulation.

Accurately-calibrated instrumentation is critical to the successful operation of various industries especially the pharmaceutical, healthcare and food companies. When essential equipment in your laboratory and manufacturing environments is correctly calibrated, the overall integrity and quality of your production chain is greatly improved helping to keep consumers safe, products effective, and operations profitable.

Through CALAB, you can be confident that your sensitive Temperature and humidity instruments are calibrated with unparalleled accuracy, precision and High Quality. Calibrations can be performed In-House at environmentally-controlled calibration laboratory, featuring state-of-the-art calibration technology and the highest-quality calibration standards, which allows us to offer minimal measurement uncertainty for your sensitive standards and instruments or On-site calibration at Clients Premises to maximum convenience and minimal disruption to the client operations.

Proper calibration of your equipment maximizes your technology investment; reduces expensive downtime; and helps ensure product quality. CALAB cares about your calibration needs and that is why we have different calibration capabilities and offer both comprehensive mail-in calibration services as well as an on-site calibration option for several applications. Our experienced staff members manage your calibration projects from scheduling through documentation delivery a answering questions and ensuring our calibration work is performed to the highest standards.

CALAB also offers calibration service for other measurement units from Pressure , Conductivity, Mass, Air-flow which are Traceable for National Standards. These calibration are not accredited.


CALAB offers over both comprehensive In-House calibration / Metrology services as well as an on-site calibration / Metrology option for several applications. Learn more about our calibration options and choose the service best for your unique needs:

Accredited Calibration Service In-House
Our in-House calibration / Metrology services are performed at our dedicated calibration laboratory, using permanently-installed test equipment that is continually monitored for accuracy and precision.

Accredited Calibration Service On-Site
Choosing our on-site calibration / Metrology service ensures traceable calibration of many laboratory and manufacturing instruments with maximum convenience and minimal disruption to your production facility.

Calibration / Metrology service terms and conditions. Download PDF  Anyone procuring a calibration / Metrology services is obligated to sign and send this form the laboratory on

Quality Management System

Our Calibration / Metrology laboratory is governed by a robust Quality Management System in strict accordance with ISO 17025:2017. Accuracy and quality are critically important to our customers and they are critical to us as well.


Skilled & Qualified Employees

As our commitment to perform a high level of quality in our work, CALAB thrives on hiring only highly skilled qualified workers who have received extensive training in the calibration field.

Fast Turnaround

We understand that not having operational, correctly-calibrated instruments can disrupt your business. CALAB offers unparalleled turnaround times for your calibration projects, without sacrificing accuracy, quality, or comprehensive documentation.

CALAB offers competitive pricing on our precision calibration services, delivering superior service and value. Over time we have become the trusted calibration partner for companies, large and small, in the pharmaceutical , healthcare, food and other regulated industries.

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