Weather Sensors

Weather Sensors Data logger and radio transmitters

The Hanwell weather sensors offer a wide range of outdoor environmental monitoring capabilities including; wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, precipitation, temperature and humidity. The data is transmitted to local PC’s using the Hanwell wireless radio technology. (The Outdoor RH/T sensor is also available as a data logger).

These products can be easily integrated into an existing Hanwell system.

Relevant products:

Wind Meter


The Hanwell wind sensor is a cost-effective and compact wind speed and direction radio transmitter.

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Weather Sensor

hanwell-weather-sensorsMeasures barometric pressure, humidity, precipitation, temperature and wind speed and direction with radio technology.

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Outdoor RH/T sensor

Outdoor-RHTA high accuracy, rugged temperature and humidity data logger or radio transmitter. (-40°C to +60°C).

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