IceSpy Scout/Plus – T Transmitter


Radio transmitters for an IceSpy Wireless system

The System5 series of Wireless temperature Scout and ScoutPlus transmitters are well established within the market as versatile temperature and humidity recorders and are used extensively in a number of industry sectors.

The Scout & ScoutPlus T are wireless transmitter components of the IceSpy system. The Scout has a single internal temperature sensor and the ScoutPlus has an internal temperature sensor and an external connector for a remote external sensor. The Scout & ScoutPlus transmitters are housed in an IP67 enclosure together with its own power source (battery), radio transmitter, real-time clock and data storage facilities.

The Scout & ScoutPlus comprises of a single PCB mounted within a custom plastic enclosure. The enclosure is ultrasonically welded to form a watertight enclosure. An external antenna is over moulded onto the plastic case. A waterproof connector is used for the external temperature sensors.

A wall or shelf mounting fixture is provided as an integral part of the design. All communication such as upload of settings and download of data is via radio link and the ScoutPlus is in continual communication with other elements of the IceSpy System.

Product Features

  • Data logging and wireless transmission
  • Optional external sensor configurable for multiple temperature probes
  • Stores approx 30 days of 10-minute and 80 days of 1-hour temperatures
  • Complies with BS EN 12830
  • 5 years battery life
  • Complete with hidden bracket for wall or fridge rack mounting
  • Complies with RoHS and WEEE EU directives
  • Carries CE Mark


  • Improve product quality with small non-intrusive transmitters
  • Eliminate time spent taking manual readings
  • Reduce errors resulting from manual checks
  • Provides users with the tools to maintain a stable environment
  • Reduces the risk of damage to stock caused by temperature fluctuations
  • Vast range of units and probes provide users with multiple temperature related applications
  • Easily calibratable hardware ensures accurate and reliable data for years

For Product  Series see Technical Datasheet

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