Hanwell RL1000 Submersible Temperature Series


Hanwell RL1000 Submersible Temperature Series

Submersible temperature monitoring (-25°C …+65°C, -15°C…+100°C or +10°C…+150°C)

The RL1000 submersible temperature transmitter is a sensor for use in tough environments where there is a need to obtain accurate and reliable temperature data without using wiring. The transmitter itself is encased in a robust acetal cylinder to protect the electronics from damage. The high-stability temperature sensor can be supplied either hardwired to the transmitter body, or on a 350 mm silicone cable via plug and socket. The sensor can cover -25°C …+65°C, -15°C…+100°C or +10°C…+150°C. The variants with internal or fixed remote sensors are completely sealed.

Product Features

  • Radio system is fully approved and exceeds all specifications enforced by relevant national authorities
  • System complies with the European R&TTE Directive, which covers EMC and radio specifications and,
  • A ‘battery low’ indication is displayed via PC software, warning of the requirement for battery change prior to power loss
  • Software flags alert in the event of total transmission failure


  • No licence required
  • Zero installation costs
  • No wiring required
  • Provides ongoing record of temperature
  • Easy to use and perfect for mobile use without losing data integrity
  • Full data history for comprehensive analysis
  • Unrivalled radio technology

System Components

For Product Series see Technical Datasheet