Hanwell GutterWatch

Prevent gutter overflow and resulting damp

Areas that previously have not been monitored due to the high cost of hard wiring can now be protected using proven H+R gutter sensors and Hanwell wireless transmitters.

The most important sources of moisture causing timber decay in buildings are those associated with leaks from defective roof drainage, for example as caused by loss of lead guttering or as a result of the blockage and overflow of roof drainage systems. Of these, overflow and blockage of roof drainage can be the most dangerous as blocked drainage can result in the significant accumulation of water in the structure. This then acts as a long term reservoir of moisture which feeds decay.

Ignoring a problem with your guttering can lead to a number of effects. Discolouration of your external walls and internal finishes or penetrating damp problems within walls is a common problem. Valuable contents are highly vulnerable. A badly fitted or maintained gutter that blocks and overflows could allow water to penetrate the masonry putting at risk of decay timbers that are built-in to the structure or in contact with it. Another serious effect of prolonged and excessive overflow is localised subsidence. Excessive amounts of water overflowing from your guttering will cause a number of serious problems to a building and its contents, some of which could cost many thousands of pounds to repair. Special attention is therefore required to manage risk and minimise defects, blockage and leaks. GutterWatch is an ideal tool for use by roof maintenance companies rather than have to regularly inspect roofs which can often require the use of expensive high access equipment you can receive alerts directly at your desktop via SMS or the internet.

Any client with an existing Hanwell wireless monitoring system can now add wireless gutter monitoring and alarms to their system, alternatively a new wireless back bone can be quickly installed.

GutterWatch Features

  • Wireless data transfer
  • High performance technology with reliable sensors
  • Easily accessible battery and USB socket
  • Low power radio for long distance transmission (Over 3km over open ground)
  • Up to 12 month battery life (depending on format of data retrieval)
  • Complies with RoHS, EU directives and WEEE
  • Carries CE Marking

Water Leak Monitoring Benefits

  • Prevent damage to building structure
  • Avoid damage to internal contents
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Easily integrated into an existing Hanwell monitoring system

System Components