Hanwell 4000 Air Flow Sensor


Detect reduced airflow within refrigeration units or filtration systems

The Hanwell 4000 series of radio transmitter units are well established as being the most flexible on the market today. The RL4810 air flow unit is a reliable 4000 wireless transmitter with air flow sensor that provides users with the tools for preventative maintenance within refrigeration units, filtration systems and air handling systems etc.

The Hanwell RL4810 wirelessly transmits directly to a local SR2/CR2 and PC or Network for immediate alarm notification and long-term analysis. This wireless device also includes a logging function that guarantees against gaps in data during the unlikely event of radio communication loss.

Hanwell 4000 Air Flow Sensor Features

  • Detects early signs of failure within refrigeration plants
  • Identifies reduced air flow through blocked filters
  • Low power radio for long distance transmission (over 3km over open ground)
  • Identifies problems in air handling systems
  • Supports (optional) hidden wall brackets
  • Complies with RoHS, EU directives and WEEE
  • Carries CE Marking

Benefits of Air Flow Measurement

  • Cuts maintenance costs and enables users to introduce optimise maintenance plans
  • Reduces downtime and costs associated
  • Reduces errors and hassle associated with manual checks
  • Eliminates the risk of damage to stock and prevents process failures

System Components


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