A new Air purifier designed to help contain the transmission of the Covid-19 virus. “GF-Pure Air”
GF-Pure Air’s filtration system is provided in 3 stages: Pre-filter for large particles, a special absolute filter (ULPA 15) for the elimination of microparticles (viruses and bacteria), and the exclusive GFSystem filter, through which gases are reduced to a comfort level thanks to an active carbon filter, specifically designed by our technicians.
The most important applications for the GF Pure Air are all those environments where there is no particularly performing
and specific air control systems or where there are VRF systems or only simple Split Systems that give hot or cold air and
at most a humidity control, but fail to ensure IAQ control.
• Operating rooms and Hybrid operating rooms (to help air quality control systems fall within the entire room within the
limits set by EN ISO 14644).
• Infectious or Immunodepressed wards
• First Aid rooms
• Departments without plant for Air Quality control (in the presence of only the Split System or only Heating)
• Diagnostic Departments (Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Radiotherapy, … in which to decrease the radiation risk of operators
who remain in contact for several hours)
• Analysis and Research Laboratories
• Outpatient clinics (Dentists, Aesthetics, Dermatologists, Endoscopy,….)
• Food companies (Process areas, Warehouses, Bottling, Meat packaging, ….)
• Pharma Companies (Clean Room, Warehouses, Research Departments)
• Directional Centers (where only VRF or Split System are present)
Banking Offices (where usually only VRF or Split System are present)
• Museums and art galleries (where paintings and exhibits of particular value are present and there are no IAQ control
systems, to help better IAQ in individual rooms or particularly relevant environments)
• Libraries (where there are thousands of dated books and documents)
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